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WebFox SEO Design == top ranked SEO friendly Web design.

What do you need mostly? For sure NEW Customers! Where do get those new Customers? Mostly only via Search Engines, and nowadays also via social networks, and not via shiny flash design, as Search Engines do only index and rank text, and not pictures, nor flash, nor movies... Firstly you need to get new customers finding you via Search engines, and then you need to satisfy their visual needs. What is therefore more important as any shiny flash design? WebFox SEO Design offers SEO design that helps for good ranking so you can be found easily at Search engines, with sufficient text related to the service or product you wish to propagate, and a web design that helps your customers to find what they expect when they arrive at your web page, so those new customers can see what you do have on offer. Read more here about Customer attraction and SEO web design by WebFox SEO Design.

My SEO web design vision.

WebFox SEO Design means user friendly web sites - simple to use, easy to update, consistent sub page design, free of shiny snick-snack, enough content to be ranked, and loved by search engines... More about user friendly Web Design.

WebFox SEO Design as Webmaster.

My first task as WebMaster is to check daily my clients web sites, check for hacking attempts, correct Search engine placements, to control functionality .... More about Webmaster ToDo needs.


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